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Leicester, Leicestershire, England


Latitude: 52.6368778, Longitude: -1.1397592


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARTON, John  Abt 1855Leicester, Leicestershire, England I270 Central 
2 BREWIN, Clara  1850Leicester, Leicestershire, England I8 Central 
3 BUFFEY, Harold  1892Leicester, Leicestershire, England I43 Central 
4 COOKE, Edward  14 Feb 1817Leicester, Leicestershire, England I266 Central 
5 COOKE, Elizabeth  7 Mar 1809Leicester, Leicestershire, England I263 Central 
6 COOKE, James  27 Apr 1815Leicester, Leicestershire, England I265 Central 
7 COOKE, Richard  Abt 1781Leicester, Leicestershire, England I238 Central 
8 COOKE, Selina  13 Sep 1810Leicester, Leicestershire, England I267 Central 
9 MALLET  1880Leicester, Leicestershire, England I14 Central 
10 MALLET, Thomas Ort-Raymur Steel  1878Leicester, Leicestershire, England I20 Central 
11 MALLETT, Ann  Abt 1816Leicester, Leicestershire, England I244 Central 
12 MALLETT, Ann Elizabeth  1856Leicester, Leicestershire, England I332 Central 
13 MALLETT, Catherine  Abt 1825Leicester, Leicestershire, England I246 Central 
14 MALLETT, Edward  Abt 1810Leicester, Leicestershire, England I233 Central 
15 MALLETT, Edwin  29 Jul 1888Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4541 Southwest 
16 MALLETT, Eliya Serpell  31 Dec 1882Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4538 Southwest 
17 MALLETT, Eliza  Abt 1820Leicester, Leicestershire, England I245 Central 
18 MALLETT, Eliza  Abt 1827Leicester, Leicestershire, England I247 Central 
19 MALLETT, Elizabeth Clarke  Abt 1814Leicester, Leicestershire, England I243 Central 
20 MALLETT, Ellen  Abt Dec 1880Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1489 Central 
21 MALLETT, Ellen  22 Dec 1880Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4536 Southwest 
22 MALLETT, George  Abt 1802Leicester, Leicestershire, England I190 Central 
23 MALLETT, George  Abt 1822Leicester, Leicestershire, England I241 Central 
24 MALLETT, Harriet  Abt 1833Leicester, Leicestershire, England I228 Central 
25 MALLETT, Henry  Abt 1812Leicester, Leicestershire, England I212 Central 
26 MALLETT, James  21 Jun 1799Leicester, Leicestershire, England I224 Central 
27 MALLETT, James  Abt 1817Leicester, Leicestershire, England I248 Central 
28 MALLETT, John William  Abt 1824Leicester, Leicestershire, England I242 Central 
29 MALLETT, John William  1862Leicester, Leicestershire, England I334 Central 
30 MALLETT, Louisa Emily  1840Leicester, Leicestershire, England I227 Central 
31 MALLETT, Peter  Abt 1808Leicester, Leicestershire, England I232 Central 
32 MALLETT, Sarah Ellen  1858Leicester, Leicestershire, England I333 Central 
33 MALLETT, Sarah Frances  Abt 1835Leicester, Leicestershire, England I226 Central 
34 MALLETT, Thomas Serpell  6 Apr 1885Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4540 Southwest 
35 MALLETT, William  Abt 1805Leicester, Leicestershire, England I230 Central 
36 NORTH, Caroline Matilda  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I33 Central 
37 NORTH, Constance Alice  6 Dec 1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I13 Central 
38 NORTH, Elizabeth Mary  15 Dec 1879Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4 Central 
39 NORTH, Ellen Matilda  3 Jul 1884Leicester, Leicestershire, England I29 Central 
40 NORTH, Elsie  10 Nov 1888Leicester, Leicestershire, England I12 Central 
41 NORTH, Ethel Slingsby  1886Leicester, Leicestershire, England I11 Central 
42 NORTH, Florence  20 Aug 1882Leicester, Leicestershire, England I146 Central 
43 NORTH, Mabel Gertrude  23 Dec 1896Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3 Central 
44 NORTH, William Thomas  1893Leicester, Leicestershire, England I10 Central 
45 POOL, Harry  20 Feb 1876Leicester, Leicestershire, England I145 Central 


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 BADHAM, Joseph  2 Feb 1884Leicester, Leicestershire, England I36 Central 
2 BARTON, John  1863Leicester, Leicestershire, England I270 Central 
3 CLARK, Elizabeth  1820Leicester, Leicestershire, England I184 Central 
4 COOKE, Richard  1860Leicester, Leicestershire, England I238 Central 
5 DAVIS, Frederick William Teilo  27 Dec 1947Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4537 Southwest 
6 GODWIN, Beatrice Taylor  27 Oct 1973Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4542 Southwest 
7 HEWITT, Harriet  1883Leicester, Leicestershire, England I225 Central 
8 MALLET, Caroline Matilda  16 Jan 1939Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2 Central 
9 MALLET, James  1803Leicester, Leicestershire, England I141 Central 
10 MALLETT, Ann  3 Jun 1873Leicester, Leicestershire, England I244 Central 
11 MALLETT, Bessie  13 Feb 1943Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4423 Southwest 
12 MALLETT, Catherine  1854Leicester, Leicestershire, England I237 Central 
13 MALLETT, Edwin  28 Jul 1959Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4541 Southwest 
14 MALLETT, Eliya Serpell  23 Oct 1938Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4538 Southwest 
15 MALLETT, Eliza  1822Leicester, Leicestershire, England I245 Central 
16 MALLETT, Elizabeth Clarke  1818Leicester, Leicestershire, England I243 Central 
17 MALLETT, Ellen  13 May 1956Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4536 Southwest 
18 MALLETT, George  1890Leicester, Leicestershire, England I241 Central 
19 MALLETT, Harriet  10 Nov 1846Leicester, Leicestershire, England I228 Central 
20 MALLETT, James  28 Aug 1854Leicester, Leicestershire, England I224 Central 
21 MALLETT, Jonathan  17 Jan 1857Leicester, Leicestershire, England I239 Central 
22 MALLETT, Louisa Emily  1903Leicester, Leicestershire, England I227 Central 
23 MALLETT, Mary Ann  1783Leicester, Leicestershire, England I236 Central 
24 MALLETT, Sarah Frances  1908Leicester, Leicestershire, England I226 Central 
25 MALLETT, Thomas Serpell  11 Sep 1893Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4540 Southwest 
26 MALLETT, Thomas Serpell  28 Oct 1930Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4419 Southwest 
27 NEWTON, Thurya  22 Dec 1943Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4522 Southwest 
28 NORTH, Caroline Matilda  19 Jul 1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I33 Central 
29 NORTH, Constance Alice  16 Nov 1964Leicester, Leicestershire, England I13 Central 
30 NORTH, Elizabeth Mary  29 Oct 1967Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4 Central 
31 NORTH, Elsie  18 Oct 1974Leicester, Leicestershire, England I12 Central 
32 NORTH, Ethel Slingsby  24 Sep 1904Leicester, Leicestershire, England I11 Central 
33 NORTH, William Thomas  8 Nov 1917Leicester, Leicestershire, England I10 Central 
34 PAUL, Thomas Dennis  1894Leicester, Leicestershire, England I271 Central 
35 PHILPOTT, Joseph  27 Jan 1929Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4528 Southwest 
36 POOL, Harry  26 Dec 1938Leicester, Leicestershire, England I145 Central 
37 SCREATON, William  28 May 1928Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1 Central 
38 SHARPE, Fred  Abt 1967Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44 Central 
39 THOMPSON, Ann  6 Nov 1851Leicester, Leicestershire, England I240 Central 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 AYLETT / MALLETT  29 Sep 1900Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1465 Southwest 
2 BUFFEY / NORTH  1921Leicester, Leicestershire, England F10 Central 
3 DAVIS / MALLETT  28 Jul 1902Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1466 Southwest 
4 HOLOHAM / MALLETT  6 Dec 1919Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1467 Southwest 
5 ISON / MALLETT  1889Leicester, Leicestershire, England F109 Central 
6 MALLET / BREWIN  1877Leicester, Leicestershire, England F5 Central 
7 MALLETT / COY  Abt Sep 1884Leicester, Leicestershire, England F3457 Southwest 
8 MALLETT / GODWIN  28 Jul 1915Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1468 Southwest 
9 PAUL / COOKE  1867Leicester, Leicestershire, England F97 Central 
10 PHILPOTT / MALLETT  28 Oct 1906Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1462 Southwest 
11 REESBY / MALLETT  23 Jun 1895Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1464 Southwest