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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England


Latitude: 52.9547832, Longitude: -1.1581086


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sarah  Abt 1840Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1429 Central 
2 BALDWIN, Annie Selina  1860Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I288 Central 
3 BALDWIN, Edgar  1864Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I291 Central 
4 BALDWIN, Fanny Laura  1869Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I293 Central 
5 BALDWIN, Henrietta Ann  1866Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I292 Central 
6 BALDWIN, Henry Harold  1862Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I290 Central 
7 BALDWIN, Rupert  Abt 1833Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I177 Central 
8 BALDWIN, Rupert  1867Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I289 Central 
9 BLAGDEN, Clara  1868Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I175 Central 
10 BUSH, Cyril Frederick  1903Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I308 Central 
11 BUSH, John Frederick  1874Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I307 Central 
12 CHAMBERLAIN, Henrietta  8 Dec 1805Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I89 Central 
13 CHAMBERLAIN, William  Abt 13 May 1795Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I272 Central 
14 CLIFTON, William Edward  Abt 1867Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I305 Central 
15 FULFORTH, Rosanna  Abt 1837Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I65 Central 
16 GRIBBLE, Audrey  1904Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I303 Central 
17 GRIBBLE, Olive  1900Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I301 Central 
18 GRIBBLE, Sidney  8 Nov 1901Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I302 Central 
19 HILL, Elizabeth  Abt 1848Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I98 Central 
20 HILL, Gertrude  1850Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I277 Central 
21 HUBBLE, Harry Ronald  Abt 1892Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I156 Central 
22 HUBBLE, Ida Gladys  Abt 1897Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I157 Central 
23 HUBBLE, Robert Frederick  Abt 1865Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I158 Central 
24 MALET, Arnold Henry  18 Jul 1871Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I100 Central 
25 MALLET, Ada Florence  29 Nov 1872Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I116 Central 
26 MALLET, Albert John  20 Jun 1871Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I173 Central 
27 MALLET, Anne Fulforth  Abt 1862Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I66 Central 
28 MALLET, Archibald Tom  10 Apr 1870Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I172 Central 
29 MALLET, Arthur Ernest  1 Feb 1870Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I179 Central 
30 MALLET, Charles Ernest  1901Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I304 Central 
31 MALLET, Christopher Charles Corke  12 Jun 1872Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I174 Central 
32 MALLET, Christopher Charles Cox  Abt 1822Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I63 Central 
33 MALLET, Clara  1846Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I110 Central 
34 MALLET, Clara  17 Apr 1875Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I117 Central 
35 MALLET, Dennis Edgar  20 Mar 1911Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I306 Central 
36 MALLET, Doris Hilda  1899Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I204 Central 
37 MALLET, Edwin  Abt 1859Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1427 Central 
38 MALLET, Elizabeth  Abt 1816Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I103 Central 
39 MALLET, Ellen  Abt 1875Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1447 Central 
40 MALLET, Emma  1846Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I314 Central 
41 MALLET, Frances Irene  26 Oct 1884Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I202 Central 
42 MALLET, George Henry  1865Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I180 Central 
43 MALLET, Gertrude  4 Apr 1871Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I198 Central 
44 MALLET, Gertrude  16 Aug 1877Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I118 Central 
45 MALLET, Harriet  Abt 1801Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I58 Central 
46 MALLET, Harriet Maud  1867Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I67 Central 
47 MALLET, Hector Edward  18 Mar 1915Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I260 Central 
48 MALLET, Henrietta  13 Sep 1831Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I120 Central 
49 MALLET, Henrietta  Abt 1874Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I200 Central 
50 MALLET, Henry  Abt 1804Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I55 Central 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 AULSEBROOK, Mary Ann  1899Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I171 Central 
2 BALDWIN, Annie Selina  Abt 1942Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I288 Central 
3 BALDWIN, Fanny Laura  Abt 1955Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I293 Central 
4 BALDWIN, Rupert  1918Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I177 Central 
5 BALDWIN, William Henry  1946Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I294 Central 
6 ELSEY, Sarah  22 May 1915Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I97 Central 
7 FULFORTH, Rosanna  28 Aug 1906Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I65 Central 
8 GREY, Janet  23 Apr 1924Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I170 Central 
9 GRIBBLE, Sidney  1985Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I302 Central 
10 LING, Ann  1897Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I262 Central 
11 MALLET, Ada Florence  1944Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I116 Central 
12 MALLET, Anne Fulforth  4 Jan 1921Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I66 Central 
13 MALLET, Archibald Tom  1901Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I172 Central 
14 MALLET, Christopher Charles Corke  1916Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I174 Central 
15 MALLET, Doris Hilda  1902Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I204 Central 
16 MALLET, Elizabeth  Abt 1864Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I103 Central 
17 MALLET, Elizabeth Sarah  16 Mar 1888Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I154 Central 
18 MALLET, Emma  1846Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I314 Central 
19 MALLET, George Henry  1866Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I180 Central 
20 MALLET, Gertrude  16 Apr 1928Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I118 Central 
21 MALLET, Henrietta  14 Oct 1919Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I120 Central 
22 MALLET, Henry  28 Sep 1846Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I50 Central 
23 MALLET, John  23 May 1920Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I113 Central 
24 MALLET, Jonathan  1814Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I149 Central 
25 MALLET, Kate  Abt 1931Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I111 Central 
26 MALLET, Sarah Ann  16 Feb 1869Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I313 Central 
27 MALLET, Sarah Ann  28 Dec 1890Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I62 Central 
28 MALLET, Selina  1838Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I121 Central 
29 MALLET, Thomas  1909Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I112 Central 
30 MALLET, Thomas Charles  27 Feb 1939Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I70 Central 
31 MARSHALL, William Baldwin  1944Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I296 Central 
32 ROBERTS, Harriet Frances  1955Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I336 Central 
33 SAVAGE, Tom Gordon  1951Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I309 Central 
34 TURTON, Minnie Adelina  1962Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I176 Central 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 FULFORTH, Rosanna  Abt 1832Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England I65 Central 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 BALDWIN / PARKER  1884Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F104 Central 
2 BALDWIN / WATSON  1902Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F103 Central 
3 BUSH / MALLET  1900Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F57 Central 
4 CLIFTON / MALLET  1910Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F56 Central 
5 ELKINGTON / MALLET  1871Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F53 Central 
6 GRIBBLE / MALLET  1898Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F58 Central 
7 HUBBLE / MALLET  1889Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F33 Central 
8 MALLET / BLAGDEN  1893Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F74 Central 
9 MALLET / BURTON  1906Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F75 Central 
10 MALLET / ELSEY  1868Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F46 Central 
11 MALLET / FULFORTH  1859Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F32 Central 
12 MALLET / HILL  Abt Sep 1870Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F351 Central 
13 MALLET / HIND  1857Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F45 Central 
14 MALLET / THORPE  1894Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F77 Central 
15 MALLET / TURTON  1894Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F76 Central 
16 MALLETT / HILL  1883Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F99 Central 
17 PACEY / MEE  Abt Jun 1884Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F2123 East Anglia 
18 SMITH / BALDWIN  1904Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England F106 Central