Liverpool, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.4083714, Longitude: -2.9915726


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alice  Abt 1818Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1232 Central 
2 Ellen  Abt 1823Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1251 Central 
3 Hannah  Abt 1857Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3748 East Anglia 
4 Julia  Abt 1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1280 Central 
5 Maggie  Abt 1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1240 Central 
6 Mary  Abt 1796Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3766 East Anglia 
7 BLYTH, Isabel  12 Dec 1880Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11064 Southwest 
8 DAVIES, Elizabeth  Abt 1872Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3745 East Anglia 
9 GEESON, Lucy  Abt Mar 1862Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10789 Southwest 
10 HEYES, Catherine  Abt 1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1248 Central 
11 HEYES, Ellen Jane  Abt 1863Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1249 Central 
12 HEYES, Henry  Abt 1822Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1252 Central 
13 HEYES, Henry Lewis  Abt 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1250 Central 
14 HEYES, Mary Alice  Abt 1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1254 Central 
15 JAMES, Benjamin  1837Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1715 East Anglia 
16 JAMES, Benjamin  21 Feb 1877Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1779 East Anglia 
17 JAMES, Hannah Orme  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1778 East Anglia 
18 MALLETT, Arthur Basie  Abt Mar 1892Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11059 Southwest 
19 MALLETT, Arthur Edward  Abt 1909Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11066 Southwest 
20 MALLETT, Catherine  Abt 1892Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1285 Central 
21 MALLETT, Clara  Mar 1914Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1697 East Anglia 
22 MALLETT, Edith May  Abt 1909Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1939 East Anglia 
23 MALLETT, Edward David  26 Mar 1905Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1677 Central 
24 MALLETT, Eliza  Abt 1855Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3763 East Anglia 
25 MALLETT, Elizabeth  Abt 1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3771 East Anglia 
26 MALLETT, Elizabeth  Dec 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1735 East Anglia 
27 MALLETT, Elizabeth N  Sep 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1671 East Anglia 
28 MALLETT, Emma E  Abt 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3750 East Anglia 
29 MALLETT, Eric Sydney  Abt Mar 1894Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11060 Southwest 
30 MALLETT, Frances Ann  Abt 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1287 Central 
31 MALLETT, Frank  Abt Jun 1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10355 Southwest 
32 MALLETT, Frank George Neale  Abt 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1284 Central 
33 MALLETT, Frank Herbert  5 Mar 1909Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1679 Central 
34 MALLETT, George  20 Feb 1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2290 East Anglia 
35 MALLETT, George Henry  Abt Nov 1880Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1255 Central 
36 MALLETT, Hannah  Dec 1920Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1687 East Anglia 
37 MALLETT, Harecourt Heyes  Abt 1879Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1253 Central 
38 MALLETT, Harold Cecil  21 Jan 1889Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11058 Southwest 
39 MALLETT, Henry  Mar 1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1670 East Anglia 
40 MALLETT, Hilda  Abt 1887Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11057 Southwest 
41 MALLETT, James  14 Apr 1888Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2291 East Anglia 
42 MALLETT, James Emmanuel  15 Aug 1915Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1686 East Anglia 
43 MALLETT, Jane  Abt 1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3762 East Anglia 
44 MALLETT, Jane  Abt Aug 1880Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3751 East Anglia 
45 MALLETT, Jessie Maud  Abt 1902Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1678 Central 
46 MALLETT, John David  1 Mar 1919Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1825 East Anglia 
47 MALLETT, John Francis  4 Jul 1888Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1673 East Anglia 
48 MALLETT, Julia  Abt 1870Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10340 Southwest 
49 MALLETT, Margaret  Mar 1922Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1734 East Anglia 
50 MALLETT, Margaret Florence  Abt 1896Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1680 Central 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Annie  15 Apr 1915Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2300 East Anglia 
2 JAMES, Benjamin  Mar 1897Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1715 East Anglia 
3 JAMES, Hannah Orme  3 Mar 1872Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1778 East Anglia 
4 MALLETT, Beatrice Gertrude  Jun 1888Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1684 East Anglia 
5 MALLETT, Henry  Sep 1918Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1670 East Anglia 
6 MALLETT, Robert James  Mar 1887Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1685 East Anglia 
7 MALLETT, Robert William  21 Apr 1906Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2281 East Anglia 
8 MALLETT, William  Abt Sep 1856Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3765 East Anglia 
9 MALLETT, William  20 Apr 1908Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2289 East Anglia 
10 MALLETT, William Emanuel  Sep 1933Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1669 East Anglia 
11 ROBERTS, Catherine Mary  Abt Jun 1928Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1675 Central 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 MALLETT, William  3 Apr 1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3744 East Anglia 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Departure    Person ID   Tree 
1 COLLINS, Susan  15 Jan 1896Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1173 Central 
2 MALLETT, Archibald Edgar  15 Jan 1896Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1171 Central 
3 MALLETT, Edwin Arthur Doggett  16 Jun 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1397 Greater London 
4 MALLETT, Edwin Arthur Gordon  15 Jan 1896Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1234 Central 
5 MALLETT, George  15 Jan 1896Liverpool, Lancashire, England I939 Central 
6 MALLETT, Harold Victor  15 Jan 1896Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1172 Central 
7 MALLETT, Ivor George Albert  15 Jan 1896Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1233 Central 
8 MALLETT, Joseph Edmond  8 May 1897Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4450 Southwest 
9 MALLETT, Robert James  7 Mar 1907Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2539 East Anglia 
10 WATSON, Elizabeth  7 Mar 1907Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4534 East Anglia 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 MALLETT, Joseph Edmond  18 Apr 1894Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4450 Southwest 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DAVIES / MALLETT  Abt Sep 1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1002 East Anglia 
2 JAMES /   Oct 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England F2007 East Anglia 
3 MALLETT / BROOKMAN  Abt Dec 1844Liverpool, Lancashire, England F999 East Anglia 
4 MALLETT / HUSSEY  Jun 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England F718 East Anglia 
5 MALLETT / KELLY  Abt Sep 1932Liverpool, Lancashire, England F391 Central 
6 MALLETT / SIMPSON  Abt Dec 1880Liverpool, Lancashire, England F318 Central 
7 WOOD / DUTTON  3 May 1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1212 Southwest