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Enmore, Somerset, England


Location : Latitude: 51.108114, Longitude: -3.084547


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 MALET, Agatha  Est 1535Enmore, Somerset, England I7360 Southwest 
2 MALET, Alice  Est 1322Enmore, Somerset, England I6980 Southwest 
3 MALET, Andrew  Est 1422Enmore, Somerset, England I7687 Southwest 
4 MALET, Ann  Est 1602Enmore, Somerset, England I7373 Southwest 
5 MALET, Ann  Est 1629Enmore, Somerset, England I7386 Southwest 
6 MALET, Baldwin  Est 1312Enmore, Somerset, England I6974 Southwest 
7 MALET, Baldwin  Est 1505Enmore, Somerset, England I6860 Southwest 
8 MALET, Barnabas  Est 1527Enmore, Somerset, England I7353 Southwest 
9 MALET, Constantine  Est 1345Enmore, Somerset, England I6983 Southwest 
10 MALET, Dorothy  Est 1537Enmore, Somerset, England I7362 Southwest 
11 MALET, Dorothy  Est 1577Enmore, Somerset, England I7366 Southwest 
12 MALET, Eleanor  Est 1362Enmore, Somerset, England I6985 Southwest 
13 MALET, Eleanor  Est 1381Enmore, Somerset, England I7322 Southwest 
14 MALET, Elizabeth  Est 1475Enmore, Somerset, England I7333 Southwest 
15 MALET, Elizabeth  Est 1533Enmore, Somerset, England I7358 Southwest 
16 MALET, Elizabeth  Est 1604Enmore, Somerset, England I7375 Southwest 
17 MALET, Elizabeth  Est 1627Enmore, Somerset, England I7385 Southwest 
18 MALET, Francis  Est 1598Enmore, Somerset, England I7371 Southwest 
19 MALET, George  Est 1575Enmore, Somerset, England I7365 Southwest 
20 MALET, Hawise  Est 1343Enmore, Somerset, England I6982 Southwest 
21 MALET, Hawise  Est 1473Enmore, Somerset, England I7331 Southwest 
22 MALET, Hugh  Est 1497Enmore, Somerset, England I6857 Southwest 
23 MALET, Isabell  Est 1320Enmore, Somerset, England I6977 Southwest 
24 MALET, Jane  Est 1503Enmore, Somerset, England I7339 Southwest 
25 MALET, Jane  Est 1625Enmore, Somerset, England I7383 Southwest 
26 MALET, Joan  Est 1436Enmore, Somerset, England I7327 Southwest 
27 MALET, Joan  Est 1501Enmore, Somerset, England I7337 Southwest 
28 MALET, Joan  Est 1529Enmore, Somerset, England I7354 Southwest 
29 MALET, Johanna  Est 1318Enmore, Somerset, England I6979 Southwest 
30 MALET, John  Est 1341Enmore, Somerset, England I6981 Southwest 
31 MALET, John  Est 1596Enmore, Somerset, England I7154 Southwest 
32 MALET, John  Est 1621Enmore, Somerset, England I7156 Southwest 
33 MALET, Lord Lord Hugh  Est 1394Enmore, Somerset, England I6906 Southwest 
34 MALET, Margaret  Est 1438Enmore, Somerset, England I7326 Southwest 
35 MALET, Mary  Est 1531Enmore, Somerset, England I7356 Southwest 
36 MALET, Mary  Est 1579Enmore, Somerset, England I7369 Southwest 
37 MALET, Mary  Est 1606Enmore, Somerset, England I7379 Southwest 
38 MALET, Mary  Est 1623Enmore, Somerset, England I7382 Southwest 
39 MALET, Maud  Est 1310Enmore, Somerset, England I6978 Southwest 
40 MALET, Raymund  Est 1228Enmore, Somerset, England I6927 Southwest 
41 MALET, Richard  Est 1176Enmore, Somerset, England I6933 Southwest 
42 MALET, Richard  Est 1316Enmore, Somerset, England I6976 Southwest 
43 MALET, Richard  Est 1499Enmore, Somerset, England I6858 Southwest 
44 MALET, Richard  1523Enmore, Somerset, England I7145 Southwest 
45 MALET, Robert  Est 1254Enmore, Somerset, England I7317 Southwest 
46 MALET, Sir Sir Baldwin  Est 1226Enmore, Somerset, England I6923 Southwest 
47 MALET, Sir Sir Baldwin  Abt 1284Enmore, Somerset, England I6917 Southwest 
48 MALET, Sir Sir Baldwin  Est 1339Enmore, Somerset, England I6909 Southwest 
49 MALET, Sir Sir Baldwin  Est 1481Enmore, Somerset, England I6854 Southwest 
50 MALET, Sir Sir John  Est 1252Enmore, Somerset, England I6920 Southwest 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 DE DEANDON, Mabel  Aft 1286Enmore, Somerset, England I6924 Southwest 
2 MALET, Hugh  1541Enmore, Somerset, England I6857 Southwest 
3 MALET, John  Bef 1416Enmore, Somerset, England I6986 Southwest 
4 MALET, John  10 Apr 1644Enmore, Somerset, England I7154 Southwest 
5 MALET, John  1656Enmore, Somerset, England I7156 Southwest 
6 MALET, Lord Lord Hugh  Abt 1460Enmore, Somerset, England I6906 Southwest 
7 MALET, Sir Sir Baldwin  Between 1191 and 1197Enmore, Somerset, England I6935 Southwest 
8 MALET, Sir Sir Baldwin  Bef 1286Enmore, Somerset, England I6923 Southwest 
9 MALET, Sir Sir Baldwin  1343Enmore, Somerset, England I6917 Southwest 
10 MALET, Sir Sir Baldwin  1416Enmore, Somerset, England I6909 Southwest 
11 MALET, Sir Sir John  1288Enmore, Somerset, England I6920 Southwest 
12 MALET, Sir Sir John  Abt 1349Enmore, Somerset, England I6914 Southwest 
13 MALET, Sir Sir John  Abt 1616Enmore, Somerset, England I7152 Southwest 
14 MALET, Sir Sir William  Abt 1223Enmore, Somerset, England I6931 Southwest 
15 MALET, Sir Sir William  Abt 1252Enmore, Somerset, England I6928 Southwest 
16 MALET, Sir Sir William  Bef 1261Enmore, Somerset, England I6925 Southwest 
17 MALET, Thomas  9 Jul 1501Enmore, Somerset, England I6849 Southwest 
18 MALET, Thomas  Bef 1502Enmore, Somerset, England I7336 Southwest 
19 MALET, Thomas  30 Nov 1541Enmore, Somerset, England I7351 Southwest 
20 MALET, Thomas  Abt 1580Enmore, Somerset, England I7148 Southwest 
21 MALET, William  7 Sep 1511Enmore, Somerset, England I6853 Southwest 
22 YOUNG, Alice  Bef 1 Oct 1524Enmore, Somerset, England I6855 Southwest 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 DE DEANDON, Mabel  Aft 1226Enmore, Somerset, England I6924 Southwest 
2 MALET, Sir Sir Baldwin  Aft 1226Enmore, Somerset, England I6923 Southwest 
3 MALET, Sir Sir John  Aft 1226Enmore, Somerset, England I6920 Southwest 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 MALET, John  1 Jul 1647Enmore, Somerset, England I7154 Southwest