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R1b (R-M343) Group

  • Number of participants: 38
  • Number of haplotypes: 34
  • Haplogroups: R-M269, R-M512, R-DF103, R-BY38768, R-U106, R-FT112489, R-M173
  • Number of distinct lines: 22
  • Surname variations: Malet, Mallet, Mallett, Veale, Mellette, Mallock, Millay
  • Shared common "Malet" ancestor? Some certainly, some possibly, and some not at all.
  • TMRCA: 500 to 1100 years

There are 22 distinct family lines within the R1b group.  Some are related to one another within the last 500 years, and others might share a common ancestor in the timeframe the Malet surname is known to have existed, say 900 to 1100 years. Some are clearly unrelated to anyone else in the study.  

6 families have origins in France, 10 originate in the West Country of England, and 4 are from East Anglia, also in England. The remaining 2 are unknown.