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  • Number of participants: 10
  • Number of haplotypes: 7
  • Haplogroups: E-L117, E-M2, F-M89, G-M201, G-S2808, G-CTS4803, N-M231, N-Y31253
  • Number of distinct lines: 6
  • Surname variations: Mallett, Maylett, Marlett, Myette, Malott, Millay
  • Shared common "Malet" ancestor? No
  • TMRCA: N/A

England: Mallet, Mallett, Maylett

Maylett, Haplo N-M231: MI1 (MI=Midlands) has roots in the English Midlands, and thought he might have a connection to the West Country Mallets (See R1b group — West Country), but he has a distinct haplotype that does not match anyone else in the study.

Mallett, Mallet, Haplo F-M89:  EA2 and EA3 are from England, and have a documented relationship that takes them back to a Nicholas Mallett c. 1582 in Norwich, Norfolk.  The family was involved in the Weaving trade for many generations, especially the earlier ones, and there is some evidence that suggests their family may have originated in the low countries, just across the English Channel.  

EA9 is an Australian who is descended from "Robert Mallet, Convict", who was transported to Australia in 1828 after having been convicted of stealing some cloth, a hatchet and a frypan.  He was the illegitimate son of Frances Mallet, c. 1768, Blofield, Norfolk.  Blofield is just outside of Norwich.  Given that Robert was illegitimate, and we don't know who his father was, it is more than a bit surprising that EA9's Y-DNA matches EA2 and EA3 very closely, indicating that his father carried Mallett Y-DNA.  There are many Malletts in the Norwich area, and some marriages where both parties carried the Mallett surname have been recorded.

France: Myette, Marlatt, Malott, Millay

Malott, Haplo G-M201, G-S2808: FR6, FR7, and FR8 all descend from Gideon Merlet, who was born in France c 1580.  They match each other closely, but they don't match anyone else in the study.

Marlett, Haplo G-CTS4803: FR9, although descended from the same Gideon Merlet, does not match the Malotts above, or anyone else in the study.  There is a separate "Marlatt-Merlet" Study underway at FTDNA.

Myette, Haplo E-L117: ND13's ealiest known ancestor was Jean Maillet, born c. 1658 in St Malo, Normandy, France.  He does not match anyone else in the study.

Caribbean: Mallett

CB1, Haplo E-M2 is a Canadian, whose family emigrated to Canada from the Barbados.  His family has held land in Barbados for over 200 years, and he believes that they got the land and the name from an English landowner named Mallett, but they have not been able to determine who that ancestor was.  The DNA test wasn't any help, because he doesn't match anyone else in the study.