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I1 (I-M253) Group

  • Number of participants: 16
  • Number of haplotypes: 10
  • Haplogroups: I-M253, I-M227, I-M170, I-P37, I-Z2054
  • Number of distinct lines: 9
  • Surname variations: Malet, Mallet, Mallet-Paret, Malette, Mallett, Maleth
  • Shared common "Malet" ancestor? Possibly, for some
  • TMRCA: 500 to 1100 years

Most of the I1 Group participants can trace their earliest ancestor to France, in most cases Normandy. 13 of the 16 show a degree of relatedness that falls within the timeframe that the Malet surname is known to have existed, within the last 1000 years or so, suggesting that they may all have had a common ancestor who carried that name.