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A thousand years of history.

The Mallett/Mallet/Malet surname has its origins in France, perhaps as early as the 10th century. It was certainly in existence in the year 1066 when Duke William of Normandy led a group of his Barons across the English Channel from France to England where they defeated the English at the battle of Hastings, and took control of the kingdom of England. One of those Barons, and one of the few that can be verified as having been at Hastings, was William Malet, whose English lineage is documented here. The Malets stayed in England, and remained in France, and both groups have spread around the world.

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You won't find your name here.

At the time of writing (January 12, 2021), there are just under 18,000 individuals recorded here. We have information on many more that isn't published, because we adhere strictly to the "100 year rule", which is to say that we do not include any information on this website on any individual who was born less than 100 years ago, so, depending on how old you are, you may find your parents, but you will more likely find your grandparents. If we don't have them, then you should tell us about them.

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Preponderance of Evidence.

Ideally, every piece of information that we publish would be backed up by a primary source; that is to say a record created at about the time that the event occurred, by someone with first hand knowledge of the event. Examples of primary sources are parish register entries or civil registrations of births, christenings/baptisms, marriages, and deaths or burials, obituaries, wills, census records and so on. Sadly, it is neither practical nor even possible in some cases to access such records.

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