Mallett Surname Origins — West Country 1851

Distribution by Surname Variant

Map - All Surname Variations

Each symbol on the map represents at least one occurrence of the associated name in a particular location - but does not accurately represent population density.

Mallett variants are found throughout the area, but primarily in Devon, Cornwall, and Gloucester. Mullett variants are very strongly rooted in Dorset, but are also present in significant quantities in Somerset. Millett is found in the largest numbers in Somerset, followed by Cornwall. Mellett and Mollett are hardly found at all.

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Distribution by Population Density

Map - Distribution by Population
Each of the dots on the accompanying map represents at least 1 occurrence of the name - the larger the dot, the larger the population at that location.
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1. 1851 England Census [database online]. Provo, Utah:, Inc., 2005. Indexed by, Inc. from microfilmed schedules of the 1851 England Census. Data imaged from the National Archives, London, England.
2. Maps produced using GenMap UK, from Archer Software.


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