Sir Charles Warre MALET, Bart.

Male 1752 - 1815  (~ 62 years)

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  • Name Charles Warre MALET  [1
    Title Sir  
    Suffix Bart. 
    Christened 30 Dec 1752  Combe Florey, Somerset, England Find all individuals with events at this location  [2
    Gender Male 
    Occupation 24 Feb 1791  [3
    Created Baronet. 1st Bt. of Wilbury. F.R.S. and F.S.A. Filled several high official and diplomatic employments under the east India Company. 
    Move 1798  [4
    • Returned to England when his service with the East India Company in India ended.
    Alternate Name 1st Bt Malet  [5
    Reference 7529 
    Died 15 Dec 1815  [3
    • Excerpt from "Notices of an English Branch of the Malet Family", by Arthur Malet, published 1885, pp 66-67, appendix EE:


      Sir Charles Warre Malet, Bart., was the eldest son of the Rev. Alexander Malet and his wife Ann, daughter of the Rev. Laurence St. Lo, D.D., Rector of Pulham, Dorset. At an early age he entered the Service of the Honourable East India Company, and after filling other responsible posts, was appointed Resident Minister at Poona at the Court of the Peshwa, the head of the Mahratta Confederacy, where under the instructions of the Governor-General of India, the Marquis Cornwallis, he concluded with Mahdeo Rao Narrayun the treaty of 1790 against Tippoo Sultan.* For this service he was created a Baronet by King George III in 1791, but notwithstanding his earnest endeavours, he could not procure the precedency of the Baronetcy of 1663 conferred on Sir Thomas Malet by Charles II, the objection that it had not passed the Great Seal being ruled to be fatal to the claim.

      As senior member of Council, Sir Charles was subsequently appointed provisional Governor of the Bombay Presidency, and on making way for the permanent holder of the office retired from the service and returned to England in 1798. With this his public life in India ended, and from this time we enter on contemporary family history, which, including his marriage and the birth and history of his sons, his grandchildren and their families, I leave for some future member of the family to whom it may be a matter of interesting research; merely stating that it is with the concurrence of my brother Sir Alexander, the present representative of the family, that the notice of this branch of it is thus closed.

      * Extract from a letter from the Gov't of India, dated 15 August, 1790, transmitting to the Hon. Court of Directors the treaties with the Peshwa and the Nizam. Those parts especially relating to the latter are omitted.

      3. "Our advices of the 12th April will have prepared you to expect by the present despatch accounts of this event [termed in the preceding paragraph the "alliances now happily concluded"], so honorable to the national reputation in India, and advantageous to the public interests, and we are much pleased that we are now able to meet that expectation."

      7. "To these we shall add a copy of Mr. Malet's letter, dated 7 June, on his transmitting the treaty with the Peshwa, and a copy of Lord Cornwallis' answer to it. . . ."

      8. "You will observe in the correspondence that passed on the subjects of the alliance now concluded, that an opposition to the measure by a powerful party, chiefly of the Rastiah family, at the Poona Durbar, assisted by the arrival of Vakeels from Tippoo with a large sum of money that was due to the Mahrattas, was supposed to delay the execution of the treaty at that Court, and occasioned at that time a serious apprehension that the intrigues of Tippoo's adherents might prevent it altogether. But there were happily surmounted by the spirited and unwearied exertions of your Resident Mr. Malet, the steadiness of the Minister Nana Furnavees, and the good offices of Behroo Punt, the agent of the Durbar for transacting the business of the English, and we must not exclude from the number of their friends the Mahratta Chief Mahdajee Sindia, who contributed by his own representations to forward the alliance."

      10. "We have before had occasion to point out the obligations of the Company to Mr. Malet and Capt. Kennaway for their able and zealous discharge of their respective duties as your Ministers at the Courts of Poona and Hydrabad; we must now allow to them their proportion of merit in the success which has attended their exertions for the interests of the Company, and add that the uniform and judicious attention which has been paid by these gentlemen to the instructions of the Governor-General in the delicate and important negotiations with which they were charged, and the zeal and ability which they have displayed, appear to us highly deserving of some distinguished mark of approbation from your Hon'bl Court."

      Treaty of Alliance between the Company, the Peishwa and the Nizam, against Tippoo Sultan, 1790.

      Treaty of offensive and defensive alliance between the Honorable United East India Company, the Peishwa Sewoy Mahdoo Rao Narain Pundit Purdhan Behauder, and the Nabob Nazim Ally Khan Asof Jah Behauder, against Futteh Ally Khan, known by the denomination of Tippoo Sultan, settled by Mr. Charles Warre Malet on the part of the said Honorable Company, with the said Pundit Purdhan, by virtue of the powers delegated to him by the Right Honorable Charles Earl Cornwallis, K.G. Governor-General in Council, appointed by the Honorable the Court of Directors of the Honorable Company to direct and control all their affairs in the East Indies.

      Article I.
      The friendship subsisting between the States, agreeable to former treaties, shall be increased by this.

      Article II.
      Tippoo Sultan having engagements with the contracting parties has, notwithstanding, acted with infidelity to them all, for which reason they have united in a league, that to the utmost of their power they may punish him, and deprive him of the means of disturbing the general tranquillity in future.

      Article III.
      This undertaking being resolved on, it is agreed that on Mr. Malet's annunciation to Pundit Purdhan of the actual commencement of hostilities between the Honorable Company's forces and the said Tippoo, and on Captain Kennaway's announcing the same to the Nabob Asof Jah, the forces of the said Pundit Purdhan and Nabob Asof Jah, in number not less than 25,000, but as many more and as much greater an equipment as may be, shall immediately invade the territories of the said Tippoo, and reduce as much of his dominions as possible before and during the rains; and after that season, the said Pundit Purdhan and Nabob will seriously and vigorously prosecute the war with potent army ,well appointed and equipped with the requisite warlike apparatus.

      Article IV.
      The Nabob Asof Jah being furnished with two battalions of the Honorable Company's forces, Pundit Purdhan shall have an option of being joined by an equal force, on the same terms, during the present war against Tippoo. The pay of the said battalions to be made good by Pundit Purdhan to the Honorable Company, in like manner as settled with the Nabob Asof Jah.

      Article V.
      On the said two battlions joining the Mahratta army, Pundit Purdhan agrees to allot 2,000 horse to remain and act in concert with them. But in the event of urgent service, on which cavalry alone can be emloyed, 1,000 of the said cavalry may be detached thereon, 1,000 remaining constantly with the battlions, whose pay shall be defrayed regularly, in ready money, every month, in the army or in Poona, at the option of Mr. Malet.

      Article VI.
      From the time of the said battalions entering Pundit Purdhan's territories, an agent of the part of the said Pundit Purdhan shall be ordered to attend the Commander, to execute such service as may occur.

      Article VII.
      If the Right Honorable the Governor-General should require a body of cavalry to join the English forces, Pundit Purdhan and the Nabob Asof Jah shall furnish to the number of 10,000, to march in one month from the time of their being demanded, by the shortest and safest route, with all possible expedition, to the place of their destination, to act with the Company's forces; but should any service occur practicable only by cavalry, they shall execute it, nor cavil on the clause "to act with the Company's forces." The pay of the said cavalry to be defrayed monthly by the Honorable Company, at the rate and on the conditions to be hereafter settled.

      Article VIII.
      If in the prosecution of the war by the three allies, the enemy should gain a superiority over either, the others shall, to the utmost of their power, exert themselves to relieve the said party and distress the enemy.

      Article IX.
      The three contracting Powers having agreed to enter into the present war, should their arms be crowned with success in the joint prosecution of it, an equal division shall be made of the acquisitions of territory, forts, and whatever each Sirkar or Government may become possessed of from the time of each party commencing hostilities; but should the Honorable Company's forces make any acquisitions of territory from the enemy previous to the commencement of hostilities by the other parties, those parties shall not be entitled to any share thereof. In the general partition of territory, forts, etc., due attention shall be paid to the wishes and convenience of the parties relatively to their respective frontiers.

      Article X.
      The underwritten Polygars and Zemindars being dependent on Pundit Purdhan and the Nabob Asof Jah, it is agreed that on their territories, forts, etc., falling into the hands of any of the Allies, they shall be re-established therein, and the nuzzeranah that shall be fixed on that occasion shall be equally divided amongst the Allies; but in future Pundit Purdhan and the Nabob Asof Jah shall collect from them the usual Kundnee and Peshkush which have heretofore been annually collected. And should the said Polygars and Zemindars act unfaithfully towards Pundit Purdhan or the Nabob, or prove refractory in the discharge of their Kundnee and Peshkush, the said Pundit Purdhan and Nabob are to be at liberty to treat them as may be judged proper. The Chief of Shahnoor is to be subject to service with both Pundit Purdhan and the Nabob, and should he fail in the usual conditions thereof, Pundit Purdhan and the Nabob will act as they think proper.

      List of Polygars and Zemindars--
      HarponellyKeychungoondah Hannoor.

      The district of Abdul Hakeem Khan, the Chief of Shahnoor.

      Article XI.
      To preserve, as far as possible, consistency and concert in the conduct of this important undertaking, a vakeel from each party shall be permitted to reside in the army of the others, for the purpose of communicating to each other their respective views and circumstances; and the representations of the contracting parties to each other shall be duly attended to, consistent with the circumstances and stipulations of this treaty.

      Article XII.
      After this treaty is signed and sealed, it will become incumbent on the parties not to swerve from its conditions at the verbal or written instance of any person or persons whatever, or on any other pretence. And in the event of a peace being judged expedient, it shall be made by mutual consent, no party introducing unreasonable objections; nor shall either of the parties enter into any separate negotiations with Tippoo, but on receipt of any advance or message from him by either party, it shall be communicated to the others.

      Article XIII.
      If, after the conclusion of peace with Tippoo, he should molest or attack either of the contracting parties, the others shall join to punish him; the mode and conditions of effecting which shall be hereafter settled by the three contracting Powers.

      Article XIV.
      This treaty, consisting of fourteen articles, being this day settled and concluded by Mr. Malet with the Peishwa Sewoy Mahdoo Row Narrain Pundit Purdhan Behauder, Mr. Malet has delivered to Pundit Purdhan one copy of the same in English and Persian signed and sealed by himself; and Pundit Purdhan has delivered to Mr. Malet another copy in Mahratta and Persian executed by himself; and Mr. Malet has engaged to procure and deliver to Pundit Purdhan in seventy-five days a ratified copy from the Governor, on the delivery of which the treaty executed by Mr. Malet shall be returned.

      Poona, 1st June, 1790.

      Signed C.W. Malet, Resident. (The Company's Seal)

      True copy. Signed C.W. Malet.

      Ratified by the Governor-General in Council at Fort William in Bengal the 5th day of July , 1790.
      "PETER SPEKE. [6]
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    Father Alexander MALET,   c. 02 Nov 1704, St Audries, West Quantoxhead, Somerset, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 19 Sep 1775  (Age ~ 70 years) 
    Mother Ann ST LO,   b. Est 1704, Pulham, Dorset, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Married 1742 
    Family ID F1911  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Susanna WALES,   b. 21 Dec 1768, Bombay, India Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 21 Dec 1868  (Age 100 years) 
    Married 23 Sep 1799  [3
    +1. Alexander MALET, 2nd Bt,   b. 23 Jul 1800, Wiltshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 28 Nov 1886  (Age 86 years)
    +2. Charles St Lo MALET,   b. 10 Jan 1802, Corsham, Wiltshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 20 Sep 1889  (Age 87 years)
    +3. William Wyndham MALET,   b. 29 Sep 1803, Wilbury House, Newton Tony, Wiltshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 12 Jun 1885  (Age 81 years)
    +4. George Grenville MALET,   b. 07 Mar 1805, Wilbury House, Newton Tony, Wiltshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 09 Dec 1856  (Age 51 years)
    +5. Arthur MALET,   b. 07 Nov 1806, Wilbury House, Newton Tony, Wiltshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 13 Sep 1888  (Age 81 years)
     6. Hugh Poyntz MALET,   b. 13 Aug 1808, Wilbury House, Newton Tony, Wiltshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 10 Mar 1904  (Age 95 years)
    +7. Octavius Warre MALET,   b. 07 May 1811, Wilbury House, Newton Tony, Wiltshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 11 Dec 1891  (Age 80 years)
     8. Alfred Augustus MALET,   b. 29 Aug 1814, Wilbury House, Newton Tony, Wiltshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 21 Mar 1898  (Age 83 years)
    Last Modified 1 Nov 2019 
    Family ID F1913  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

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