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7101 William was unmarried, living with his brother George Mallett, Grocer. MALLETT, William (I3358)
7102 William was unmarried, living with his cousin Thomas W Peene, Stevedore. Samuel H Mallett, age 12, unmarried, also a cousin of Thomas Peene lived there too. MALLETT, William G (I3367)
7103 William was unmarried, living with his siter Mary. MALLETT, William (I1335)
7104 William was unmarried, living with his uncle Samuel Rogers, Corn Miller. MALLET, William (I1139)
7105 William was unmarried, Servant, Head of Household. MALLETT, William (I3117)
7106 William was widowed, living alone. MALET, William J (I1191)
7107 William's "niece" Sophia Day, age 42, unmarried, lived with them. MALLETT, William (I432)
7108 William's aunt Elizabeth Hayes, widow, age 55, lived with them. MALLETT, William James (I193)
7109 William's cousin Sarah M Pearse, age 13, lived with them. MALLETT, William Milford (I2620)
7110 William's Father-in-Law Henry Barnard was living with them, but was enumerated as "Step-Father". Perhaps it should have read "Step-Father-in-Law", as Henry appears to have been the step-father of William's wife Harriett Ives. MALLETT, William (I3808)
7111 William's nephew Arthur Campbell Hutchinson lived with them. MALLETT, William George (I594)
7112 William's occupation was given as "Transfer", working for the "Moving Co.", but he was not actually working. Lillian and Violet are still at home, single, and going to school.

A nephew is living with them, Beecher Higgins, single, age 30. He was born in Missouri, as was Lydia, so was likely part of her family. 
Family F156
7113 William's place of birth was given as "Kingston, Upper Canada". His nephew Harry Hopping was living with the family. Harry was a Printer's Apprentice. William's occupation was the same as in 1861; Writer.

Charles, Edwin and John are all Scholars. 
Family F1335
7114 William's place of birth was recorded as "Grandson" in the 1881 census, which does not exist. The closest place phonetically is "Great Gransden". MALLETT, William (I1414)
7115 William's sister-in-law Fanny Mallett lived with them. LARKINS, William (I1086)
7116 William's step-brother John Ed Smith lived with them, as did Mildred Smith, a visitor. MALLETT, William (I2817)
7117 William's wife Jemima was in Guys Hospital, Southwark at the time the census was taken, probably because of complications from the recent birth of her son. SCAFE, William Carritt (I1380)
7118 William, 59 Married, Packing Case Maker, b Camden Town; Edward 29, Single, Labourer, b Limehouse; Amelia 27 Single, b Limehouse.

Amelia sen. is not listed, but William is shown as married, not a widower. 
MALLETT, William (I8364)
7119 William, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Emily, and Mark all immigrated to Victoria, Australia, in 1853 aboard the ship Earl Grey. They were "Assisted Immigrants", which meant that the government paid for all or part of their fare. CLOTHIER, Mary (I10680)
7120 William, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Emily, and Mark all immigrated to Victoria, Australia, in 1853 aboard the ship Earl Grey. They were "Assisted Immigrants", which meant that the government paid for all or part of their fare. MALLETT, William (I6076)
7121 William, Rebecca, Joseph, and Alfred were all aboard the ship "Excel", moored in Boston, Lincolnshire, while their other 3 children, George, William, and Catherine were with their grandmother Mary Bellamy in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. William was Master of the Excel. Family F489
7122 Willkiam Wilkinson, age 80, lived with them. CHURCH, Elizabeth (I4165)
7123 Winesses to marriage were John Maggs and Ann Green, who might be the bride's sister. Family F2237
7124 Winesses: Mark Moss and Sarah Moss Family F2235
7125 Winnipeg Free Press, Monday, December 1, 1947, page 10, under Deaths and Funerals.

"WILLIAM HENRY WOOD - MCAULEY MAN. - A resident here since 1883, William Henry Wood, 91, died early Monday. Born in England, Mr. Wood came to Canada in 1883. His wife died in 1946. Surviving are five daughters Mrs. M. Begg in British Columbia, Mrs. Grace Miller of Winnipeg, Mrs. Mabel Page of Chicago, Mrs. Florence Simpsom of Transcona and Mrs. Ina Mallett of McAuley; three sons William, Frank and Whit all of McAuley, 26 grandchildren and 23 great - grandchildren."

- Above posted on by RP 12 Oct 2001
For information only. The poster is not related to the above nor is researching any of them.

- I believe this obituary to be in error. The name should read William *John* Wood (not William Henry Wood). 
WOOD, William John (I3719)
7126 With wife and baby son, Street, Kessingland. His name appears as George J Capps. Family F456
7127 Witnessed by C. J. Mallett and Fred S. Gill MALLETT, Gertrude Churchill (I347)
7128 Witnessed by C. J. Mallett and Fred S. Gill Family F127
7129 Witnessed the homage of John Baliol, King of Scotland, to King Edward I. MALET, Robert (I7317)
7130 Witnesses to the marriage (after Banns) were Joseph Jury [?] and Louisa Thorne. Family F2748
7131 Witnesses to the marriage were Sarah Carnfield and John Francis. Family F2236
7132 Witnesses were A Taylor and Ernest Mallett. Family F2703
7133 Witnesses were AH Sawyer and HW Felstead, presumably the bride's father. Address at time of marriage shown as 10 Vincent House, Vince Street, EC.

Marriage Certificate shows name as John Charles Ernest Sawyer. Address at time of marriage given as 7 Foundry Walk, Shoreditch. 
Family F2211
7134 Witnesses were Augusta Sinclair and Samuel Knight. Family F2554
7135 Witnesses were Edith Jane Hine and George Bernard Rowell (Rowsell). Family F2546
7136 Witnesses were Ernest Mallett and John Mallett. Family F2512
7137 Witnesses were Frank Walden and Minnie Rae, both of Peterborough. Family F277
7138 Witnesses were Frederick Bidewll, (bride's father) and Ethel May Evans, (groom's sister).

At time of marriageThomas and Joan were living at 3 Gorse Rise, London, SW17. During WW2 Thomas worked at the Hawker Siddeley factory at Canbury Park Road, Kingston, where the Hurricane was made. He appears to have used his coppersmithing skills to build the cooling systems on Hurricane aircraft. He was doing this in 1942, but the exact dates of his employment there are unknown. 
Family F2204
7139 Witnesses were George Brealey (Bradley), Martha Brealey (Bradley) and William Mallett. Family F2456
7140 Witnesses were George Mallett, William Mallett and Anna Casley. At the time of their marriage, both James Mallett and Eliza Casley were recorded as living at South Tawton. James was a labourer. Family F2473
7141 Witnesses were James Mallett and George Tremlett. Family F2664
7142 Witnesses were John Gillard and Ellen Gillard. Family F2521
7143 Witnesses were Joseph Evans (probaly her brother) and James Kendrick (?). The microfilm is very indistinct and there is some doubt about the name of the second witness. Family F2250
7144 Witnesses were Mary Snell and Elizabeth Croote. Family F2612
7145 Witnesses were Miss Violet Inez Mallett and Daniel G McHenry. The service was performed by a Lutheran Minister. Both were residents of the county of Multnomah, Oregon (Portland). Family F272
7146 Witnesses were Samuel Mallett and William Mallett. Family F2575
7147 Witnesses were Thomas Crocker and Emily Mallett. Family F2659
7148 Witnesses were Thomas Henry Norman, Ralph Norman and Clara Mabel Mallet Family F2616
7149 Witnesses were W. Mallett and D. Kellaway. Family F2572
7150 Witnesses were Walter Barnes and Nora Plowman. Family F2434

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