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6901 Will Probate.
6 August the will of Nicholas Simon John Mallett late of Tavistock in the County of Devon who died 24 June 1879 at 9 Lower Back st Tavistock was proved at Exeter by Annie Jane Mallett of Tavistock widow and relict the sole execeutix Effects under 200. 
MALLETT, Nicholas Simon John (I3239)
6902 Will Probate. 25 February administration of the persional estate of Elizabeth Mallett late of Tavistock in the county of Devon widow. who died 1 Feb 1878 at Tavistock was granted at Exeter to George William Mallett of Tavistock Painter and Glazier and one of the next kin. Estate under 100. LANDER, Elizabeth (I3233)
6903 Will/Probate 26 October admin to Mary Brimacombe, of Colwick st Exeter. effects under 100. MALLETT, Elizabeth (I3236)
6904 Will/Probate admin at London 1 March to Winifred Ida Hammond, married woman. Effects 839.16s.7d MALLETT, Rosina Amelia (I3248)
6905 Will/probate. 18 March at Bodmin to Nicholas Simon George Mallett (husband) a schoolmaster. Effects 472.12.4. TOOPE, Elizabeth (I3384)
6906 William "Mallitt" 30, Packing Case Maker, b Camden Town; Amelia 32 b Staffordshire; Edward 9, Scholar, b London; Amelia 7, Scholar, b London. Family F2201
6907 William "Wormwood", age 12, undoubtedly a relative of Jane's, lived with them. Family F265
6908 William & Eliza Nash-witnesses Family F190
6909 William (Sr) has same occupation here - Carpenter/Joiner
MALLETT, William Thomas (I4101)
6910 William 20, Packing Case Maker, b Pancras; Amelia 22, b Bermondsey. Family F2201
6911 William 29 - Carpenter
Henrietta 26
William A (could be H) 5
Thomas 4 
Source (S23)
6912 William 40, Packing Case Maker, b Camden Town; Amelia 42, b Stafford; Edward A 19, Wine Merchant's Porter, b Limehouse; Amelia 14, b Limehouse.

William's place of birth has changed from the 1881 census, but this is clearly the same family. 
Family F2201
6913 William and Annie had been married 18 years, and had 7 children, with 5 still living. Family F1379
6914 William and Annie had no children of their own, but they adopted Phyllis Thomas. They had been married 20 years. Family F992
6915 William and Annie were living right next door to William's sister Thirza Williams, who was married, but living alone. Family F1379
6916 William and Beatrice had been married 11 years, and had 4 children, all living. Family F2808
6917 William and Beatrice had been married 12 years, and had 4 children, all still living. Family F2699
6918 William and Clara had been married 53 years, with 5 children born alive, but 1 of them died. Only 4 children are recorded here for them, and all of them were living in 1911, so the 5th child is unknown. Family F187
6919 William and Elizabeth had been married 8 years, and had one child that died. Family F1356
6920 William and Elizabeth had had 2 children, but only 1 was living in 1911. Family F1592
6921 William and Elizabeth were newly married, and living with her parents. William's place of birth was "America, British Subject". William's occupation was Smith, HM Dockyard.

Elizabeth's father John Carlyon was a "Retired Inspector of Police HM Dockyard". 
Family F1335
6922 William and Ellen had been married 23 years and had 9 children, 8 of them still living. Family F601
6923 William and Eveline had been married 6 years and had 2 children, both living. Family F407
6924 William and Hettie emigrated to Australia, and have descendants there. Family F413
6925 William and Jane had been married 31 years and had 12 children, but half of them died. Family F1039
6926 William and Jane were boarders in the household of Mary G Martin, Miners Wife. GOODMAN, Jane (I5983)
6927 William and Jane were boarders in the household of Mary G Martin, Miners Wife. MALLETT, William (I4374)
6928 William and Maria had been married for 36 years, had 8 children and only 1 that died. Curiously the census record states that only 4 children were still living, but they must have meant that only 4 were still at home. Family F1475
6929 William and Maria were both of "Full Age", and both signed their names. William was a widower, but Maria was a Spinster. Witnesses were Francis McCole and Elizabeth Cable. Family F42
6930 William and Mary Ann had been married for 30 years and had 7 children, but 2 had died. The two that died were both boys: Daniel Robert (1881), and William John (1886). Family F505
6931 William and Mary Ann have been found together in both the 1881 and 1891 census, but no children were listed. Family F1484
6932 William and Mary had been married 2 years, and had 1 child, Muriel, who was born and died in the December quarter of 1910. Family F986
6933 William and Matilda had been married 33 years and had 10 children, but 2 of them died. Family F477
6934 William and Millicent were both living in the household of Isabella Sanders, age 89, Farmer, and William's grandmother. William's Aunt, Mary Isabella Sanders, age 63, also lives there.

William's occupation was given as "Bank Manager", Millicent has none. Millicent is listed simply as a visitor, but the fact that William's surname is "Bray" suggests some sort of familial connection, since Millicent's grandfather's name was William Bray Furse> 
Family F409
6935 William and Obedience had been married 8 years and had 4 children, all living. Family F599
6936 William and one daughter were recorded as "Mallard", while the second daughter, on the next page, was recorded as "Mallett". MALLARD, William Henry (I10437)
6937 William and Sarah had been married 33 years, and had 14 children, but only 7 of them were living in 1911. Family F489
6938 William Ankers married Blanche Sheppard or Sophia Perkins 1869 Plymouth. ANKERS, William (I8237)
6939 William appears to have been enumerated twice; once at home, and once aboard the ship "Royal Adelaide", but the pertinent details are the same. MALLETT, William Henry (I6236)
6940 William applied for the SE quarter of Section 28, Township 3, Range 9 west of the 4th meridian. Earlier the same year, his step father Spurgeon Nicholson applied for the NE quarter of the same section.

In the 1911 census they were both living on their properties, but the rest of the family must have been back in North Dakota. 
SMITH, William Herbert (I11442)
6941 William B and Annie Emily Mallett were living with their grandparents James and Mary Mallett. MALLETT, William Dunning Brock (I9758)
6942 William B and Annie Emily Mallett were living with their grandparents James and Mary Mallett. MALLETT, Annie Emily (I9403)
6943 William Bishop, Boarder, Single, male, 18, Coal Miner, born Bridgewater, Somerset, lives with them. Family F1360
6944 William C and Henrietta are buried at the Anglican Church on the Huron Road near New Hamburg. I have a photo of the tombstone. Margaret, Annie and Eliza are buried in the same plot.

William - 44, Henrietta - 36, George - 14, Margaret - 12, Henrietta - 10, Eliza - 8, Frederick - 6, William - 2, Eva - 4, Mabel - 2 mo. b Jan. All are born in Ont. except the father.

P 29 line 5 C9942 they had 212 acres, 4th concession, lot 33, 130 acres improved, 50 in pasture. 3 horses, 2 colts, 7 cows, 32 cattle, 63 sheep, 14 swine.

William - 53, Henrietta - 47, Annie - 20, Eliza - 18, Frederick - 16, William - 12, Mabel - 10, Henry - 8, Herbert, 5. George and Margaret have left home, Eva is dead. George has his own farm and a wife named Elizabeth. He is 22.

Oct 20, 1889
When Wm. C dies, the register says he was living in East Zorra Twp.

Henrietta 56, Frederick 24, Eliza 22, William 20, May 18, Henry 16, Herbert 14.. Perhaps I read it wrong. How did Frederick get to be older than Eliza? Henrietta is now a widow. Otherwise all of the same kids except for Annie are at home as the last census. Ann Mallett isn't living here either.

Henrietta 67, William 32, Mable 28. William is now head of household. According to a little book I glanced through while at the Anglican church archives, Margaret (d. 1900) and Annie (d. 1892) Smith both gave their lives while on (Anglican Church) missionary work in China. Margaret was burned to death during the boxer rebellion, Annie died of a fever in Shanghai. William has lot 33 con 3, 136 acres owned, 1 house, 3 barns.

There exists an 1878 letter to Myrtie Mallett from Henrietta A. Smith in New Hamburg who says she is the 2nd daughter of Wm and Henrietta Smith. She addresses Maggie as cousin and mentions Uncle William in Arthur, Aunt Am, and Aunt Eliza Paddock. Says Uncle Henry and Aunt Am live at the old homestead ----- that grandfather left Arthur for Puslinch and then he is coming here and from here he goes to Port Stanley to see Aunt Caroline she has one little girl named Edith ---- Uncle Fredic's only son settled in Plattsville (about 7 miles from here) ---- Aunt Elizabeth and family are well ---- We are a family of 5 boys and 5 girls, 3 girls and 2 boys going to school ---- I have 2 brothers able to work and baby Bertie nearly 2 years old ---- and then there are Maggie and I to attend to the housekeeping ---- Thanks to Wesley for his nice card George will answer his letter this week. 
MALLETT, Henrietta Elizabeth (I46)
6945 William Denbow, age 16, Ironmonger, lived with the family. He was born in Loddiswell, Devon, as was Zipporah, so there was likely some familial connection between the two. Family F2818
6946 William did not have any children. He was listed as unmarried in the 1861 census at the age of 66 and was living with his brother John, along with 6 servants and a niece. He had a large landholding on which he employed 70 men according to one census and the 1873 land survey.

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MALLET, William (I9372)
6947 William does not appear to have been enumerated in the 1901 census. FURSE, William (I1677)
6948 William Geo. Mallett living with Selena Boundy. This is second entry for William Geo. in the 1891 census. CHISLETT, Selina (I4137)
6949 William Germany, unmarried, 25 years of age, an Iron Miner was a Visitor. MALLETT, William (I3689)
6950 William has not been found in the 1911 census. MALLETT, William Thomas (I6658)

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