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6601 Vicarage, St. Agnes, Cornwall, England HARRIS, Lucy (I3573)
6602 Vicarage, St. Agnes, Cornwall, England HARRIS, Elizabeth (I3571)
6603 Vicarage, St. Agnes, Cornwall, England HARRIS, Joseph (I3570)
6604 Vicarage, St. Agnes, Cornwall, England HARRIS, Mary (I3567)
6605 Vicarage, St. Agnes, Cornwall, England HARRIS, James (I3564)
6606 Vicarage, St. Agnes, Cornwall, England HARRIS, Joseph (I3561)
6607 Vicarage, St. Agnes, Cornwall, England COWLING, Harriet (I3560)
6608 Violet was single, a General Servant in the household of John Welfare, Licenced Victualler, either for the family directly or in the pub that Mr Welfare operated. This was a family tradition of sorts. At least 2 of Violet's older sisters worked at this pub. MALLETT, Violet (I9730)
6609 Visitor MALLETT, Hilda (I9553)
6610 Vivid II COWLING, Edward (I3663)
6611 Vivid II COWLING, Edward (I3663)
6612 Vivid II COWLING, John (I3487)
6613 Vivid II COWLING, John (I3487)
6614 Vivid II COWLING, John (I3487)
6615 Vivid II COWLING, John (I3487)
6616 Vivid II COWLING, John (I3487)
6617 Vivid II COWLING, John (I3487)
6618 Vivid II COWLING, John (I3487)
6619 Vol 32 p 1385 reg.1191 WISE, Elsie Gwendoline (I896)
6620 Walter and Henry must have been twins, since their ages were identical in the 1871 census, but no baptismal record has been found for Walter. MALLETT, Walter (I10720)
6621 Walter and Rachel had bee married 14 years, and had 5 children, all living. Family F718
6622 Walter and Sarah Ann had been married 18 years and had 4 children, all living, and all enumerated with them in the 1911 census. Family F476
6623 Walter and Sarah were married for 24 years, and had 5 children, all living. Family F472
6624 Walter born in Morval has been combined with Walter who had a family in Lanteglos by Camelford because the name Walter is uncommon, and his age fits, even though Morval is not close to Camelford. The Walter who married Sarah Philips has been combined with the Walter with wife Sarah and 3 children in Saint Teath, which is very close to Lanteglos by Camelford, and the chronology fits. MALLET, Walter (I8056)
6625 Walter Mallett mentioned that his mother was still living at "92 1/2" in a letter written this date. She likely died in Bath. WHIFFEN, Margaret (I886)
6626 Walter Scott and Eliza Paddock witnessed. Family F30
6627 Walter was a bachelor, Kate a Spinster, both 22 years of age. Both signed the register. George Barnett and Kate Mallett were witnesses. Family F859
6628 Walter was a Carpenter, working in the House Industry. They rent their house for $18.00 per month. Both children are going to school. There was no child in the house who was born in 1916, a futher indication that "Unnamed Cohoon" didn't survive. Family F457
6629 Walter was a Police Constable. He, Sarah, and Beatrice were recorded as being born in "Serrington" Norfolk. This is taken to be a misspelling of "Terrington", since we know that Walter was born there.

The family obviosuly moved to Yorkshire between 1896 and 1898, between the births of Beatrice and Frances. 
Family F472
6630 Walter was a Servant in the household of William Oxenham, a Farmer Of 325 Acres Employing 2 Laborers & 2 Boys. MALLETT, Walter (I3095)
6631 Walter was a Sunday School superintendant. Lily was a Sunday School teacher. Family rumour has it that Walter married Lily on the rebound from being jilted. He was 28, she was 21. The family considered that he had married beneath himself and they cut him off. Since then all contact with the Mallett family ceased.
The Sunday School presented the happy couple with a silver teapot for their wedding. Muriel still has this.

Witnesses to the marriage were C.A. Mallett and Eva Craven. 
CRAVEN, Lily (I348)
6632 Walter was living with his grandmother Ann Stamp. MALLET, Walter (I1065)
6633 Walter was unmarried, living with his uncle and aunt Joseph and Harriet Colby, Fish Merchants. MALLETT, Walter (I2527)
6634 Walter was unmarried. MALLETT, Walter (I80)
6635 Walter's brother-in-law Charles "Busston", age 20, Shipmaker's Clerk, lives with them. Family F1580
6636 Walter's occupation was Watchmaker. Family F415
6637 Warrington, Lancashire, England. MALLETT, Clara (I342)
6638 Was baptized at the Parents House Dranes Bridge by J Smallridge. COCK, William Thomas (I4489)
6639 Was engaged to be married but she died, never married but Miss Green lived with him for years MALLETT, Ernest J (I420)
6640 Was enumerator for 1851 Kessingland census.
Sustins could come from 'St Austin' a Norman name. Source:'English Surnames: their Sources and Significations' by CharlesWareing Bardsley, pub Chatto & Windus, Picadilly, 1875.

The heraldic description is 'Sustan or Suston' or two bars perpale indented vert & azure. The interpretation of this fromPublic Reference Library:
or - gold
Two bars per pale = two bars, perpendicular
Indented = Serrated edge to bars
Vert & azure = green and blue. 
SUSTINS, Charles (I2158)
6641 Was in WWI

Died after his mother in 1937. In her obituary he was recorded as living at Coolamon. 
NEST, Sidney Herbert (I8104)
6642 Was not the Emma Mallett who married Cornelius Crapp on 16 July 1868 at St Mary, Devonport as this Emma was recorded in the 1871 census as being born in Cornwall.

Probably the Emma Mallett married in 1868 to either Henry Driscoll Goodman or Richard Powell. An Amy Mallett was also married with the same registration number.

Probably Emma Sophia and she married December 1869. 
MALLETT, Emma Sophia (I8110)
6643 Was prisoner of war in the First World War. Lost seven and a half stone during his imprisionment. MALLETT, Joseph Clifford (I4110)
6644 Was she christened in St Cleer?

St Cleer Baptisms 1740 - 1843
Elizabeth BASSETT dau of John & Martha, 02nd. February, 1777
BASSETT, Elizabeth (I4675)
6645 Wasn't registered until Feb 1, 1908. Neither married before. Witnesses Josephine Small, Jessie Holliday (both of Toronto). Family F887
6646 We believed Blanche was born in 1912 , but postcards from Nellie indicate otherwise. Blanche sang with her church choir and when she was about 60 with Sweet Adelines. Fern sang with them too. Dad sang with SPEBQSA for a year or two, with Richard Eaton Singers, and in his church choir for years.

Drinkwater (sometimes she spelled her name Katheryn, as in one of her children's baby book)

Fern and Blanche were all but adopted, though never legally because they birth father could not bring himself to keep the appointment to sign the papers, by Florence Danskin (dau. of Frances and James Danskin) and Gordon MacArthur who raised them. Except on legal documents, both Fern and Blanche went by the surname MacArthur until they married.

After Blanche's death Ivan m. 26 July 1988 to (2) Eula Smith Dean, b. 4 Nov 1918, dau. of Ernest Smith and Ella May Harp, widow of Garfield Dean. Ivan was a teacher and Assist. Superintendent, Strathcona Co., AB. Blanche and Ivan lived in Forestburg, Stettler, Ponoka, Edmonton, Camrose, Edmonton, Sylvan Lake. Eula and Ivan lived in Red Deer. Blanche and Fern lived with the McArthurs in Botha, from about 1915 until their marriage. 
DRINKWATER, Catherine Blanche (I349)
6647 We can't be absolutely certain that the person listed in the ship's manifest is Edwin, because only the initials of his given name were recorded, but they are "EAD", which corresponds to Edwin Arthur Doggett, and the age is correct. His occupation of "Clerk" does not jibe with Edwin's occupation as given in the 1911 census of "Electrical Engineer", but no further record of him has been found in the UK.

He left Liverpool on this date bound for Quebec, Canada, aboard the "Empress of Ireland", a Canadian Pacific Ship. 
MALLETT, Edwin Arthur Doggett (I1397)
6648 We do not have a fixed date of death, but the first deed in which his son Baldwin's name appears is dated 1261, so it is assumed he must have died before that. MALET, Sir William (I6925)
6649 We have no christening for this John, but we do have for the John in the preceding generation — they may well be the same person, married twice. MALLETT, John (I716)
6650 We know from the 1861 census that her given name was Hannah, but the index provides 2 possible Hannahs, one Brown and the other Harvey. Family F1525

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