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Census 1901: BURDETT MARY 16 METHODIST 54O1 
BURDETT, Mary Sophia (I269)
Grace was a teacher, ed: Grade 12, plus 1 yr. teacher training, Camrose, AB. Rel: Prebyterian, UC. 
STEWART, Grace Scott (I487)
Gravestone: Walter Ambrose Mallett d. Mar 19, 1904, age 6 yr and 6 mo. Sleep on sweet children and take thy rest/ God called thee home, he thought it best.
Co D: consumption/ TB 
MALLETT, Walter Ambrose (I251)
Great Aunt to Ivan, lived with Watts up York Road from Parker Jewell's.
May be spelled Lillie. 
MALLETT, Lily Ada (I229)
Had 8 children, one stillborn. 
STAUFFER, Violet (I286)
had three daughters by a previous marriage. 
TURNER, James Hammond (I1110)
Her descendants are all RC. 
MALONEY, Josephine Susanna (I364)
Her parents lived in Cornwall, but formerly Tryon. 
THOMPSON, Ella Margaret (I306)
Her surname may have been Black. One source gives this as her surname. 
BLACK, Elizabeth (I38)
Herbert John Malllett d. Dec 2, 1904 age 4 yr and 6 mo. Too good for Earth, God called him home. 
MALLETT, Herbert John (I252)
I checked the birth indexes for Kruger and Krueger, didn't find any likely matches but I didn't check them all, and the indexes end in 1899, so they may have had children.

The cemetary index shows a Christopher and a Jane A "Kreager" buried in Woodlawn in Guelph, blocks D2, D4. I bet that's them. There are no Kruegers, and only 2 Krugers, but not the correct ones. I need to check out the actual inscription. Did they change their name to Kreager or is it a typo?

I went through the 1901 census for Guelph, Waterloo (north) twp, and Puslinch Twp, but didn't find them. Many records for Guelph were next to impossible to read so I may have missed them.

I am told me the Kreagers had no children. Not sure about the spelling of the name.
PADDOCK, Jane (I432)
If Diana was a spinster as her marriage cert. to John McQ states,, she wasn't married to a Smith, when son Walter born. adopted? Given father's name although illegitimate? 
SMITH, Walter (I104)
Info on all this family from Jim Mellett, Victoria BC 
BERRY, Evangeline Candas (I493)
Irene think she should be born about 1911; Margaret E. thought she and Barbara were about the same age. 
PORTER, Barbara (I837)
Ivan was a teacher and Assist. Superintendent, Strathcona Co. Lived in Forestburg, Stettler, Ponoka, Edmonton, Camrose, Edmonton, Sylvan Lake, Red Deer.

Ivan's family was very musical. Ivan and Blanche sang in various choirs all their lives. 
MALLETT, Ivan Burdett (I271)
J. Robert was the author of the 'Genealogy of the Mutch Family', printed in 1985 as well as the earlier 1929 Mutch Genealogy. Much of this computer database is from his
publications. Lived at Mt. Herbert. "Robert is one of the best researchers of family trees on PEI and he has helped me out a great deal in these writings."-- Albert Wood
Mutch, J. Robert 1912-1985 , fr. Burial SItes of PEI:
Historian/Author/ Genealogist
(A memorial is erected to his memory in the Mount Herbert United Church Cemetery) 
MUTCH, James Robert (I525)
John Mallett b. 4/4/1855, d. 5/26/1920,
Elizabeth Bryenton, beloved wife of John Mallett, was b. 8/4/1855 and d.10/26/1909

John age 36 , Methodist, Lot 34 L2 on 1891 census--on farm #48 in 1880 census.

John Mallett was a farmer and a Methodist/United. Lived in Union Road, Murray Harbour (briefly), York and New Glasgow. John Jr. married (2) Mrs. Euphemia "Effie" Bradshaw, widow of Dr. Bradshaw. (Ivan's Grandparents)

John Jr was the son and Lydia MALLETT (Robert's wife, John Jr.'s sister) the daughter of John BRYENTON Sr. (b. 2 May 1774--d. 13 Aug 1849, PEI; bur. Aug 1849, Union Road Cem.PEI) & Mary Warren (b. abt .1775, Suffolk--d. 9 Dec 1843, Queens Co. PEI.).

PEI Census 1881
MALLETT, John (I220)
John Mallett, male, 11 months, son of William Mallett blacksmith, bronchitis, X the mark of Margaret Mallett present at the death, 4 Peabody Square Shadwell. 
MALLETT, John (I426)
Known as John T. Mallett.
Agnes went to live in Regina after John T. died. John T. age 33, Methodist, Lot 33K on 1891 Census. Agnes presumably the dau. of Charles Cox.
Gravestone, plot #25, reads: In loving remembrance of John T. Mellett, died July 30, 1905, Ae 48. Sarah Evelyn, infant dau. of J.T. and Agnes Mellett, died Jun 11, 1899.
On the side of the stone : In memory of Charles Cox, died Nov 19, 1904, Aet 86.
Also his wife Agnes Prowse, died Feb 10, 1898, Aet 64.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
Census 1881: MALLETT JOHN 23 W. METHODIST 33 
MALLETT, John Thomas (I197)
Lived at 832 21St Ave, NW Calgary AB

Birthdate maybe be 6 Oct 1883. 
MELLETT, William Ambrose (I490)
Lived at Covehead Road. 
VESSEY, Richard (I848)
Lived in Killam. 
GRANT, Russel George (I300)
Lived in London, ON.

I believe Alfred's whole family reverted to the Mallett spelling. 
MALLETT, Alfred Lorne (I245)
Lived in St. Peter's Road. Captain in Queen's Co. Militia. John and Caroline had ten children. Moved to Magnolia ,Wisconsin in 1856.

"Capt. John Rodd is thought to have been a native of Devonshire, born in 1767. He is next found in London, where, on 30 Nov 1801 at St. George's Church, he married Elizabeth SHAW. It is not known if his captaincy is from seamanship or from military service. Two children were born in London, two in Charlotte Town, and two in Little York.
John RODD was the first blacksmith in Covehead, and his son Charles was also listed as a blacksmith in the 1841 and 1881 census." ( VC) 
RODD, Capt John Jr. (I213)
Lived in Union Road. Both Bur: Union Road Cem. Gravestone, plot 2. reads: In memory of Ann SELLER beloved wife of Christmas Bryenton, died Jan 9, 1887, Aet 59. A loving mother and a faithful wife. . . .( illegible lines) Stone erected by the family. (d) Christmas BRYENTON died Oct 19, 1897, Aet 72. Born in Suffolk England.

One Hardy listing:

iii. Ann Seller, b. 10 June 1827, Little York, m. Christmas Bryenton, 11 Dec. 1849, d. 9 January 1887, bur. Union Road, issue:
a. Isaac Bryenton, b. 24 Dec. 1850, Union Road, m.(1) Elizabeth Gill, 26 March 1879, m.(2) Martha J. (Ford) Bryenton (the widow of his brother Charles, who d. 30 April 1931), d. 23 June 1941.
b. William Bryenton, b. 11 June 1851, Union Road, m. Bessie Lidstone, 19 April 1883, d. 14 May 1925.
c. Charles S. Bryenton, b. 9 Dec. 1853, Union Road, m. Martha J. Ford, 15 Jan. 1884, d. 1 May 1895.
d. Elizabeth Bryenton, b. 14 April 1855, Union Road, m. John Mullet, 15 March 1877, d. 26 Oct. 1909.
e. Susannah Bryenton, b. 7 Nov. 1857, Union Road, m. William Toombs, 26 July 1882, lv. Restigo North and Ch'tn, where he was a merchant.
f. ?Louisa Bryenton?
g. Rebecca Bryenton, b. 8 Aug. 1867, Union Road, m. Hammand Mullet, 15 Jan. 1923, d. 1953.[Hammond Mallett] 
SELLER, Ann (I419)
lived in Washington DC, Carlsbad New Mexico & Lakeland Florida (1970 probably in retirement). Oscar Stutsman was with the FBI, they had 2 sons & a daughter (no names, no dates). Most of this info was gleaned from early 1970's correspondence my mother had with her first cousin, Lillian, in Boston. Lillian knew these people & was in touch with them, unfortunately she did not dwell on any point for long. The Stutsman's are one of the 'missing links'. Wish I had started this quest earlier!!! (Irene)
Field Value Records Results
STUTSMAN 369 369
First Name BARBARA 116769 1
BARBARA STUTSMAN 15 May 1931- 16 Jan 1996 86442 (Bullhead City, Mohave, AZ) (none sp'd) 553-36-8013 CA
Field Value Records Results
Last Name STUTSMAN 369 369
First Name OSCAR 102289 1
OSCAR STUTSMAN 04 Mar 1923 - Oct 1985 (not sp' d) (none sp' d) 461-20-2797 iss'd Texas 
STUTSMAN, Oscar (I838)
lived only a short time. 
CHAPPELL, Hazel Elizabeth (I1027)
Maria Mallett niece U 18 bootfitter St. George's East on 1871 census, see below.
(Niece of Henry Heynes)

Census 1871 Bethnal Green RG10/482, 22 Wellington Street
name, position, married, age, occupation, place of birth:
William Gayne[sic] Head Mar. 40 Letter carrier Enfield
Sarah Gayne Wife Mar 28 milliner, Minories
William Gayne Son mar 8 scholar Bethnal Green
Henry Gayne Son 6 scholar, Bethnal Green
Mary Heynes mother widow 63, London W.C.
Maria Mallett niece U 18 bootfitter St. George's East
Henry Heyne Head Mar 25 Warehouseman Minories
Eliza Heyne Wife Mar 30 milliner Hackney
Eleanor Heyne Dau. 2 Bethnal Green
Henry Heyne son 5 Bethnal Green 
MALLETT, Maria (I433)
Marriage note: Marriage to Thomas Peacock, full age, bachelor, Brassturner, Bethnal Green, son of Thomas Peacock, brazier. and Eleanora Lavinia Gill, age 19 , spinster, Bethnal Green, dau. of William Gill, labourer. Witnesses : ___ and Lavinia Margretta Gill
On 1863 son's birth certificate: Thomas was a journeyman optician. 
PEACOCK, Thomas (I80)
Marriage Notes for John Mallett and Mary Howes: Archdeaconry Bishops' Transcripts. 
HOWES, Mary (I9)
Marriage notes: St. Thomas' s Church Bethnal Green, 28th Feb 1874 John Harmer, aged 22, bachelor, French polisher; 3 Hope Street, John Harmer, cab driver, married Elizabeth McQuin aged 19, spinster, 15 Hope Street. son of John McQuin weaver. X the mark of John Harner; signed Elizabeth McQuin witnesses: James Dible and X Ann Dible 
MCQUIN, Elizabeth (I105)
Medical Information: Blind in one eye.
Death Certificate - 29 Oct 1884 - Workhouse. Thos Henry Mallett, Male, Aged 23 years, Labourer of 15 Norton Street, Meningitis, D Mallett, Father in attendance, 15 Norton Street, Bethnal Green. 
MALLETT, Thomas Henry (I139)
Nancy Lee Mellett Tesmer submitted most of this info.

I tried, to no avail, writing to her at the address given on the Net:

6545HWY 93South / WHITEFISH MT/ U.S.A. 59937 
MELLETT, Melvin Myron (I821)
Never married. 
MALLETT, Erma (I261)
no children. 
MALLETT, Wilfred Theobald (I542)
no children. 
MALLETT, Ida Laura (I548)
Note July 18, 2001 from Irene:
Did find a marriage date & place for Hammond & Beckie from a clipping in the Charlottetown newspaper 'Bryenton, Mellett, - At Nampa, Jan. 18, 1923, Miss Rebecca Bryenton of Cleveland, Ohio, to Mr. H.W. Mellett of Nampa, Idaho. Both parties in this interesting event were born at Union Road in this province and were former neighbours and schoolmates.' Note the spelling - it would have been written by a PEI'er and so the Me spelling was used although apparently he always spelled it MA (the Alberta grave stones would attest to that)
Rebecca had a clergyman brother in Cleveland.
I could not find anything about Lamistin ( or how ever it is spelled) either and the record that I saw had the three children & a nephew. (No Sarah) The nephew was William Ethelbert (Bert) Mallett born PEI 1882 the son of John & Elizabeth Bryenton Mellett (Mallett) of York. I suspect that the census taker got the names mixed and that William was the above mentioned nephew and that the son was Walter Ambrose born 1897 in Alberta. I don't think there were any other children - no indication anywhere of others. 
BRYENTON, Rebecca (I254)
Obit from Ed. Journal, 11/ 16/ 2007:
Osback, Edith 1917-2007 Mrs. Edith Osback of Viking, formerly of Sedgewick, Alberta, passed away peacefully on November 14, 2007 at the age of 90 years. She is survived by her children; Sharon (Gordon) Halbert, Dianne (Patrick) Osback-Brown, Muriel (Gerald) Walker, and Norman (Helen) Osback, nine grandchildren, one great-grandson, three brothers and two sisters. Edith was predeceased by her husband Leif, their infant son, John and one brother, Lorne. A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, November 17, 2007 at 2:00p.m. at Bethania Lutheran Church, 5017-50 Ave, Sedgewick, Alberta. In Lieu of floral tributes, the family requests donations be made to Bethania Lutheran Church or to the charity of one's choice. Viking Funeral Services Ltd. 1- 780--336-4842 vikfunsv@telusplantet. Net 
MALLETT, Edith Elizabeth (I290)
of Donaldston. 
COURT, Leonard (I568)
On gravestone of parents - 'Also infant son Arthur Oct 24, 1892 One loved one sleeps here' [287] p32 -- note info via Ted Mallett. 
MALLETT, Arthur (I470)
One source had herd.d. as January 19, 1961 
MALLETT, Kathryn Gertrude (I267)
or 1876, unclear or changed date. 
BRAND, Frederick (I101)
Original certificate from Superintendent Registrar, Births in the district of Saint Mary in the county of Mddx. 4th Feb 1866 10:45 p.m. ,22 John Street. Emma, girl, daughter of Edward Austin and Eleanor Austin formerly Gill, journeyman paper stainer. SX the mark of Edward Austin father. 2 John Street St. George in the East, 19th Feb 1866
Deaths in the district of Saint Mary in the county of Middlesex:
21st Feb 1866 22 John Street Emma Austin female 18 days, daughter of Edward Austin, a journeyman paper stainer, congenital cachexia, certified, Elenor Austin present at the death 22 John Street, St. George /East, 22nd Feb 1866 
AUSTIN, Emma (I86)
Original entry from the Superintendent Registrar's books: Births in the district of Saint Mary in the County of Middlesex:
28th June 1863, 22 John Street, William Henry, boy, son of Thomas Peacock,journeyman optician, and Eleanora Peacock, formerly Gill. Informant : Elenora Peacock, mother, 22 John Street St. George in the East. 
PEACOCK, William Henry (I85)
Original list compiled to this family by Margaret E. Mallett, Dec 1979. Sent by Frances Vessey.

Gravestone , plot 33., at Union Road Cem. reads: "Ambrose George Mallett, Feb 5, 1878 - Jul 19, 1948 His beloved wife, Fannie West, December 25, 1884 - April 29, 1966. Son, Walter Ambrose, July 16, 1905 - Sep 28, 1907. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
MALLETT, Ambrose George (I230)
Original records of the Superintendent Registrar:
Births in the district of Saint Mary in the county of Mddx. : 4th Feb 1866 11:00 p.m. 22 John Street, Jane , girl, Edward Austin Eleanor Austin formerly Gill, journey man paper stainer, X the mark of Edward Austin, father, 22 John Street , St. George in the East 19th Feb. 1866.
Deaths in the district of Saint Mary in the county of Mddx.:
17th Feb 1866. 22 John Street Jane Austin female 13 days daughter of Edward Austin , journeyman paper stainer, congenital cachexia 13 days, certified, X the mark of Edward Austin present at the death 22 John Street 19th Feb 1866 [Cachexia --ka kek se a -- is a general wasting of the body from a chronic disease) 
AUSTIN, Jane (I87)
Possibility - found in book - Marriage Notices of Ontario, by William D. Reid, 1980, Hunterdon House - Albert MALOTT, L1883, #ES1-27 (L1883 - living 1883).

Married in the Bible Christian Manse at Port Hope. Married by Reverend J. Copeland.
Family F883
possibles on SSDI:

JOHN MALLETT 01 Oct 1900- 14 Aug 1988 92109 (San Diego, San Diego, CA) (none specified) 110-09-0257 New York

JOHN MALLETT 06 Apr 1872 - Jan 1968 92008 (Carlsbad, San Diego, CA) (none specified) 546-72-3306 California

JOHN MALLETT 06 Dec 1882- Oct 1966 94601 (Oakland, Alameda, CA) (none specified) 548-03-3030 California 
MALLETT, John Archibald (I5)
Raised by her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Carlton at the request of her mother, who died when Sue was 6 mo. old. 
MELLETT, Susan Hannah Carleton (I181)
Ran MacMillan Hotel, later named Seaside Inn, Stanhope, PE ; burned 1966. Donald is brother of James, Emma Jane's husband) Elizabeth died in childbirth with the twins James and George. (Jim has Donald age 91 Eliz at m. age 35, Donald age 43.


Corrections sent by Glen Bodie, March 2003
Donald C. M'Millan (16.Angus3, 2.Margaret2, 1.Alexander1) b. Oct 11 1849, m. Elizabeth Mallett, b. ___ 1857, - d. Mar 07 1899, Interred: MacMillan Cem., West Covehead. Resided, Stanhope, PEI. Donald died Apr 29 1940, Interred: MacMillan Cem., West Covehead., Note: Resided, Stanhope, PEI. 
MALLETT, Elizabeth (I194)

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